• History of The Admissions Doctor
    Milton PierceThe Admissions Doctor has been working with Admissions Representatives for over 2 decades. Established in 1986, Milton, the founder, has held positions such as National Trainer, Director of Admissions, Campus Manager, Internship Coordinator, and Placement Director with both “Mom and Pop” schools as well as large school groups.
    He has also conducted National Admissions Training seminars for both national and state associations. Tim has been training under Milton to take over the Admissions Doctor for the last 5 years, while working in admissions offices in the beauty industry.

    “The Admissions Doctor’s system is all I know! After my first month in admissions I met Milton, and due to his teachings and mentorship, I have found great success as an Admissions Representative, as well as Assistant Director of Admissions!”~Tim Collette

    The New Admissions Doctor Tim Collette has a passion for coaching individuals in the Career School Industry. He uses his experience as a former Salon Partner & Manager, Admissions Rep, and Assistant Director of Admissions, to educate & provide a “prescription” for success to School Owners, Admissions Directors, and Admissions Representatives. The previous Admissions Doctor, Milton Pierce, mentored Tim for over 5 years. The wisdom gained from Milton, his experience in Admissions offices, and his expertise of social media, Tim used the perfect combination of tenured wisdom & modern innovation to create the New and Improved Admissions Doctor. As The Admissions Doctor, he increased a client’s enrollment by 16% in one year where they set a record for largest new class starts for three consecutive months using the New Doctor’s protocols.
    When the Admissions Doctor isn’t in, you can find Tim on the water. He was a Professional Barefoot Water-skier, and had his own ski school for 6 years.
    Former Pro Water Skier

    “I love to coach people. I know when I would win tournaments and get that National Medal around my neck, how awesome it felt. I started my ski school so I could help others to achieve that same feeling. TEAM, to have a successful salon, admissions office or school for that matter you must have the support of a good team” ~ Tim
  • Sample list of schools and organizations the doctor has consulted:
    Academy of Hair Design, NV
    Adrian’s Beauty College, CA
    Allentown School of Cosmetology, PA
    American Beauty Academy, MD
    Arkansas Alliance of Cosmetology, AR
    Artistic Academy, NJ
    Beau Monde College of Hair Design, OR
    Blaine Cosmetology Schools, MA
    Brio Academy, CT
    Capri Institute of Cosmetology , NJ
    Colleen O’Hara’s, CA
    Cosmetology & Spa Institute, IL
    Euphoria Institute of Beauty, NV
    Healing Mountain Massage School, UT
    International Academy, OH
    Kenneth Shuler’s Schools of Cosmetology, SC
    Long Island Beauty School, NY
    Long Island Nail & Skin Care Institute, NY
    Loraine’s Academy, FL
    Lu Ross Academy, CA
    Magnolia College of Cosmetology, MS
    Magnolia School of Cosmetology, PA
    Marinellos Beauty Schools, CA
    MD Assoc. of Private Colleges and Career Schools, MD
    Mid West College of Cosmetology, IL
    National Beauty College, TX
    New England Center for Cosmetology Education, MA
    New England Center for Esthetics Education, MA
    PA Association of Private Career Schools, PA
    Pivot Point International Academy, IL
    Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture, OH
    Rob Roy Academy, MA & RI
    Route 66 Makeup Studio, CA
    Salon Schools Group, OH
    School of Nail Design, NH
    Spa Tech Institute, MA
    The Salon Professional Academy, Iowa City, IA
    Toni and Guys, TX & RI
    Traxler’s School of Hair, MS
    Trend Setters (Paul Mitchell Partner), IL
    Vogue College of Cosmetology, TX

    …Add your school name here!


    “Tim came to our Academy and really listened to our concerns and challenges. With that information he analyzed the structure we had in place and made improvements that we could implement immediately. From lead contact, phone scripts, prospect meetings, oganization and accountability…he covered it all! Whether your admissions office is struggling or not, Admissions Doctor Tim Collette will take it to the next level.”

    Mary, Owner, The Salon Professional Academy, Iowa City

    “Do you have dreams, goals, or inspiration? I did! Tim guided me through my toughest journey, he made me believe in my potential to achieve. His energy and motivation inspired me to proceed my goals and dreams to another level. His skillful ideas and knowledge of the industry inspired me to give it an extra push! Thank you Tim! for always taking my call and reminding me to continue from the heart…”

    Cynthia, NYC

    “Hey Tim, Thanks so much for the training yesterday. I do think that the enrollment process here could use a little refreshing and I think that will truly help with the closing of the sale. I think that the training was really informative and I liked the suggestions for changes.”

    Andrea, Eric Fisher Academy K

    “Very thorough! Eye-opening! We will NOT recommend you – we want to use it all and keep it to ourselves!”

    Steven, SC

    I was ready to throw in the towel but I knew I couldn’t because I’m an owner! At that time I knew something had to change and Miraculously the weekly admissions pill popped up in my email. We decided to bring Tim in for an onsite training. Immediately when I spoke with him I knew there was help someone who speaks our language! I was so excited for the training and hoping for the best. I was completely blown away by how much I learned from Tim in one day! Wow finally the answers we needed. He has gone above and beyond giving us more and more As we tread through this journey! I can’t wait to have him come back in!

    Melissa, Owner, The Salon Professional Academy Iowa City, Iowa
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